RAGBRAI Day 1: Hot and Rough

  So, today was rough. It was almost 4000ft of climb over about 68 miles and 90 degrees. Coming of an Ironman, this should not have been hard…yet it was. Good news is, I look at this picture and see strong legs and not lumpy jiggly ones. I still need to work on a few body parts but I’m going to relish I what I accomplished today. 
  Also, getting my priorities straight. Again, happy with my look. 

Iowa Roadtrip

 We suffered a few technical difficulties like going into a parking garage forgetting that there are bikes on top of the car. Good thing I’m good in a crisis. 

Gain :-(

  You win some, you lose some and today unfortunately I gained some. But that’s okay. I did it to myself. I have over indulged his week and did nothing about it. I have also identified 2 triggers: free weekends and my parents house. Now I just have to figure out what to do about it. 

This week I leave for RAGBRAI or the Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa: 470 miles over 7 days. I’ll be exercising A LOT but I will be surrounded by bad for choices!  I have a plan and I just need to stick to it.  

In preparation, I biked to work last week (I’ve been riding during training as well). It was fun and I hope to make it a habit.  It was a little over 6 miles and it was a great way to get in extra exercise AND it was something different and a change to my routine. And yes, that is coffee in my bottle cage!



   It’s hot…again so I found this number super cheap. I’m also starting to love my body a little more. I’m really starting to feel strong (I really feel it in my legs) and I’m working on getting control of my eating.  I just want the fat around my waist to disappear and that won’t happen unless I start eating better. 

I also didn’t mean to go this long without posting a photo. Whoops!

Weigh in Pros

 Well, it’s been 2 months I haven’t lost anything thus far. I will say, however, that I feel much better about myself. I don’t feel as bloated and my clothes are fitting better despite still being one size bigger. I feel that by looking at these pictures I am learning how to dress better for my figure and that makes me feel better too. And for grins and giggles I’ve compared this month to last month. 


Beach Days

   So I was finally able to take a decent picture of me in a bathing suit. And you know, I actually like them. I think this is a very flattering suit and I am pleased at how muscular my legs look versus the flabtastic ones I usually see. And of course having the right accessories helps 😉