I’m down from last week but I’m still up. But I must find a new way of thinking and a new way of thinking in order to reach my goals. The biggest is keeping a promise to myself. I keep making excuses for why I’m not loosing weight or practicing the things that I know work. 

I’ve also identified a trigger of alcohol. It’s not that I binge but I don’t count the points. Even if I have one or two, it’s still impacting my weight.  And most of the time it happens on the weekend when I haven’t planned all that much so then everything goes to the wayside. 

My plan for the week is to plan out the weekend. I need to plan out activities and what I’m going to eat and when. I am also going to try to practice self affirmations each day as well as three things I did well that day. 

And here is a throwback to remind myself how I felt when I was at my best.   

Check out those legs!  I WILL get there!

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