This is HORRIBLE!  I’m starting to think separates on lounging days is not a good look for me. This skirt and shoe combo really highlights my canckles. I also have to stop taking pictures after eating bit shows!  I hate most things about myself in this picture. 

But I must now t focus on such things. I must focus on my race tomorrow. I will be participating in the Ironman Raleigh 70.3. I’ve been training for 4 months for this race and I am so ready for many reasons. I’m ready to be done. I’m ready to set my next goal and I’m ready to start loosing weight. I am also ready to see the hard work pay off. I have so many people supporting me and I want to focus on that love and support. Here are some photos and memes shared with me today. 

And my favorite: 


I will definitely run fast for that piece of fine ass!



I took this picture after dinner and since I’m carb loading,!  This picture shows it too! Also, what’s going on with my boobs?  Damn I look terrible!


Don’t Fit

  This appears to be an ill fitting blazer. It’s not terrible but Clinton and Stacy would tell me otherwise. Also, my pants don’t fit so I bought new ones. These are GREAT!!  They feel good too. I love a good pair of pants that fit well. 

So, I haven’t noticed a whole lot of change but I haven’t lost THAT much weight. I’m carb loading right now for my race and it is soooo hard!  It’s so much food! I’m also bloated. 3 more days. 

Swimsuit Side by Side

 So today I did a side by side comparison of a swimsuit picture from a couple of years ago. Aside from the lack of tan I noticed a few things: my middle is much bigger now than I thought. That is probably junk food and alcohol. But I also notice that my legs look a little slimmer and I’m much smaller through my shoulders. My legs don’t feel smaller so maybe they have bulked up forward and backward versus side to side. I’m really not happy with this picture but it is reality. 

Down again

 Lost some more weight this week!  This week I really tried to focus on my snacks by eating more fruits and vegetables and eating less processed food. I also tried to build a sweet treat into my day. As usual, I did really well and then not do well. I had quite a sweet tooth at the end of the week which was REALLY hard. This week is my Half Ironman so I just need to eat healthy, eat lots of carbs, and hydrate. I don’t expect to lose weight this week, just make it through the race. 


  Well, as comfortable as I was today, I certainly was wrinkley.  I have had an awful time today with fatigue and it makes me make horrible food choices such as the 1/2lb bag of M&Ms I’m eating as I write this (I’m also PMSing). 

Yesterday I did a little experiment. I pulled out a couple of my favorite pieces of clothing I wore when I was 20lbs lighter. I was actually surprised with the results.  


I honestly didn’t think I would fit into this skirt AT.ALL!  But the dress is MUCH tighter than in the past. I’m hoping this will give me motivation (as I choke down M&Ms). Every 10lbs, I can put these in again and see the progress 

I also pulled out a dress that I love and have a picture to compare to: 

 It could be worse but it could be better!  This little experiment gave me a lot of perspective and sometimes things aren’t as bad as I make them out to be.  


 I have been in the worst mood all day. I’m so tired and I’m just ready to sleep. I’ve resorted to selfies since  my  regular picture taker is out.  Also, my legs are huge. Yes, I know they are mostly muscle but still!